Virtual Ark in the Park Project

The Virtual ARK in the PARK is a project to connect people on the Great Park.

The project brings people to gather in an increasingly virtual world.

By using a library of computer tablets we will be able to unite those people who would usually fall outside of the technical sphere, in safe and secure environments, such as their own homes, care homes or even hospitals.

his project we hope will strengthen community spirit and the many people we hope will work together to deliver this will address loneliness and mental health issues that may have been brought about by the COVID lockdown.

The tablets will be loaned out free of charge, to make sure those who previously have not used computers or cannot afford them have access to their friends and families, the outside world such as digital shopping, and also a direct line to Ark in the Park community events such as Coffee & Conversation and Reading and Writing groups.

If you know someone who feels alone, is struggling to cope, would benefit from some virtual help and would like to borrow a computer tablet, please contact Revd. Ruth Hewett on 0191 2170367.


Revd. Ruth Hewett

The ARK in the PARK

62 Featherstone Grove

Great Park

Newcastle upon Tyne

 NE3 5RJ

0191 217 0367

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