Due to the current situation in the world, Archbishop Justin Welby and other religious leaders have called for a National Day of Prayer and Action on Sunday 22nd March 2020. The Church is encouraging everyone to pray and, at 7pm, to light a candle as a symbol of the light of the world, Jesus Christ. Below is a short prayer for Mother’s Day that we ask you to pray:

“Lord, on Mothering Sunday, we come to You like a lost child looking for their mother, unsure and confused about the situation ahead of us. We ask that during this difficult time CHURCH in the PARK can be like a loving mother, able to guide, support and nurture those we serve.  We know that through the darkness will always comes light. We ask that You open our hearts and minds so that we are able to serve our community in any way we can as we head into these uncertain times.”

I am also reminded of the lyrics to a song called ‘Hope of Heaven’ by the Children’s Society. It is often sung during Christingle services but I ask you to think about this line as you light your candle at 7pm:

“Light up a candle and hold out the globe. Here in the darkness, The Light of the world.”