Great Park Community Centre is the dynamic active hub of the community and a venue for the CHURCH in the PARK.

Revd. Ruth Hewett has been the Chair of trustees of the Community Centre this year.

CHURCH in the PARK supports the community centre activities, promoting itself as an integral part of the community: for example the Bakeoff, residents groups on the Great Park, the Christmas and Easter craft fairs and Community BBQ.

For an overview of Newcastle Great Park visit : Newcastle Great Park

The local church is just one part of this network of caring people. We work in partnership with these agencies.

The Church is always keen to build bridges with others, whether individuals or groups, who care about how we live together and care for each other.

Please get in touch if you think we can work together for the good of the community.

Some of the social issues facing us in this place are:

Loneliness and Isolation

This can be a big issue for many people, for young and for old. The church here is investing in and developing ways and opportunities to meet socially in the Great Park.

The ARK in the PARK has been in place  in the Great Park Community since 2009 and offers a venue or hub for meetings for example Coffee and Conversation meets fortnightly. The Ark in the Park supports initiatives further afield too such as the Tuesday Toddler group which meets every week at the community centre. Further details can be found at

If you have any ideas about how to combat loneliness or if you feel lonely yourself and would like to talk to someone please use the ‘Get in Touch’ form at the bottom of this page. 

Health and Well-being

The mental wellbeing of all ages is a growing concern in our society especially for young people. The use of social media and all the complications it can add to an already complex

We work with others to support those who suffer from dementia and their carers as well.

We work alongside Silverline Memories, further details can be found at

We support people who suffer from loss and grief of bereavement. We value the importance of listening.

We are available to listen to you and if you feel a caring conversation would help you please use the form below to get in touch in confidence.


Revd. Ruth Hewett

The ARK in the PARK

62 Featherstone Grove

Great Park

Newcastle upon Tyne

 NE3 5RJ

0191 217 0367

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